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Closing myself up on Council. not volunteering for event anymore. I dont see the need to be so proactive anymore.

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heehee updating tumblr instead.


Yunice rawrs Blogged @ Thursday, April 19, 2012

Its the third day of school. Year 3 semester 1. Yes, i haven't been updating. For the simplest reason, i do not have the time and am not spending much effort in this blog.

Have been going back to school almost daily during the term holiday for meetings after meetings after meetings, events after events after events. Physically and mentally draining. I really don't know why i took up so many commitments, i think i am drowning myself. Literally.

i realized the actual meaning of two face. And i have been one, honestly. I didn't think that i was actually such a person at first, but i grew to recognize myself. I admit i am two face. Yes, people ask, i admitted. I have grown accustom to having fit on this mask, to create a facade to everything for some people. Someone told me, i should never be two face to him. That strike me, who am i actually two face to?

I don't know why i am so tired these few days. School barely started. Just 3 days into the term and i am dreading school. I am dreading classes. Worst off, 6 of us were placed in a year 2 class for SQPE module. Like hell lot of communication barrier. Well, not that we are of a HUGE age gap. But still, we felt outcasted. Its like, the 6 of us in our own world, the rest of them in their world. What more, they are in a different diploma from us. Classmates aside, faci was a problem too. Her voice was too... lullaby-ish for me. It was only Problem 1 yesterday, and i was already falling asleep in class. Epic much.

Drove to school yesterday and today. Felt like a boss. I finally got the feeling of nearly getting into an accident. I think i will get into one sooner or later. Not cursing myself or what, i think i am really a reckless driver. Deep in thought about the politics happening, i nearly didn't brake in time. Nearly crash into the front car. Got a shock of my life when i had to apply E brake. Bags, laptop, all fell to the floor. That was when i found out, how bad was my skills. My dad was right, i am not a safe driver as i claim to be.

Oh well, but driving all alone, blasting music all the way, really allow me to have some quiet time for myself. Away from the noisy, the world, the politics.. everything that i dread about the world. I get the extra time to think through what is happening, and reflect on my action.

Speaking of politics, SC is a hell lot of politics. I changed. I admit i changed. I was never into politics issues. Even when i just entered SC, i never really cared about the politics that already existed, i didn't care about the hatred that they have for one another, i never cared about the internal 'fights' going on... Now i am joining them too. I start to enter the world of politics, i start to comment on other's action, start to bitch around. At least i do show attitude to the person i am bitching about, and not totally act all nonchalantly infront of them. I guess i ain't that bad after all, eh?

We have this common feeling, that we used to know so many people around campus. But this few days, because many left for internship, we felt like outcasted students. Dont know anyone, even losing our way around. I feel like a lost sheep myself. And i call myself an SC member. meh. life sucks without my usual clique, without our daily lunch bitching... Heard they are suffering out there as interns. Pity them, pity myself, for i will one of them too, soon enough.

I feel that time i really passing very fast. I am already in my 3rd year of Poly studies. Remembering the times when i just entered RP, how i dreaded coming to RP for its 'branding' name, how i grew to prefer RP's PBL method of learning, how i joined the Student Council, how i became SOH student ambassador, how i became a SOH scholar, how i became poster & cover & banner girl,... all these seems so surreal. It feels so unbelievable within 2 years, but i did it. I didn't think that i would have come this far, and i think i wouldn't have such a 'nice' profile if i didn't enter RP in the first place. Quickly, i am already a senior of the campus. Walking around campus like a boss (definitely not feeling like one).

Mummy have been asking me, why am i not dating yet? why do i not have a boyfriend?

I wondered to myself, why? And i realized that i have been neglecting myself. I havent been taking care of myself well enough. I only thought about school stuff, totally not bothering about my own self. Eye sight got worst, spine got worst, having ulcers here and there, worst of all, i sprained my right ankle again but haven't been seeing the docs. The doctor previously said that my right ankle was already damaged and that i should take extra precaution. Now that i sprained it again, it might be 'spoiled'. Because of this, i dont dare to approach the doctor for a check. I feel so screwed. Can't even do my ballet routines well, that's why i stopped. My ankle have been giving me problem since primary school, always spraining it as if it was a normal thing, till my ligaments are teared. ahhhhhhhhhh screw myself.

Screw it all, back to RJ, Quiz and evaluation.Bye!

Yunice rawrs Blogged @ Friday, July 22, 2011

Alot of things happen today.
2 UTs. practicum plus accounting.

okay, so. start with what???
Birthday surprise from limin, cac and chiewww!!!
all started from morning when we were suppose to meet up to do our hair!
chiew and cac were hiding in the cubicle and limin was the spy! HAH.

My pressie from them!!
So i feel old.
after today i feel old.

Have been trying to cramp the concoction for 26 cocktails into my puny brain for the last 4 days, finally its over.
the few of us volunteered. Our theory? simple.
Go first, do first, die first, end first, enjoy first. SIMPLE.
i was the fourth.

Cocktail section--> i got Tom Collins first. But because knew nuts about it, the tester(i wont say the name) allow me to repick!! and i got Gin Fizz!! Although i was guessing the concoction, i managed to get the ingredients right. only the cup and method was wrong!! AHAHAHHA.

Clearing 6pax--> ZOMGOSH. horrible! Plates were touching my shirt=fail. nearly drop somemore. I was praying the tester didnt see that i was using my hips area to help support! If not sure fail! Heavy you know!! Even the guys find it tough, what about us?? we all so small and cute. )):

Wine ordering--> hahahah! spilled wine on the table. But other than that, should be alright? oh ya. i used the wrong cloth!! DUMBNESSS. cause the person before used that cloth,i presume its correct. DUMB.

Carry tray--> 2/3. suppose to carry a tray of 5 glasses of water, walk up and down 3 times to collect things with service gear. LIKE SHUTTLE RUN!! drop the first piece. Cause Ms ZZ was looking at me!! then i nervous and drop. -.- lucky not drop the tray of water if not straight fail.

carry 3 soup bowl--> ahahhaha! this one funny. Mr G was testing me. Then when i first carried all, he say, good! steady very fast! then the top bowl started to tilt!! Then he say, haiya, shouldn't talk to you. talk only you ka-lang-ka-boh. LOL. then he let me restart cause he say is his fault!! YAY RIGHT!! then carry all the way out and back to kitchen!! he didnt comment much, just say cannot look at the bowl and walk, must look straight. HEHE. :)

that's about it!! So, all the stations half past six, total should also be half past six? oh well. whatever.

completed, when into the holding room to slack.
ER. FYI. Limin is hugging my legs. ahhahaha!

actually we volunteered to go early, so that we can study for accounting. But you know us, LAZYPIGSFTW. so we didn't study at all. wasted our time, waited for the rest and went for a 2 hr lunch break! waste and waste time!

after that, continue wasting time by pretending to study. The other class people were so nice to let our class go first, considering we have another test after practicum! thanks to tiff da jie for ordering her class to let us first!! she really like big sister of the class!

i can only say, S.H.A.G
1 mark, is all i can confirm i will get.
great right? not expecting high marks.
worrying for my overall GPA only. ohwell.

after school, came back, met mummy, kor and di for pizza at domino pizza!! Nice pizza!!

The hungry people started before i can take picture!! ):
HEHEHHE. nice pizzaaa!! i like!! FATFATFATFAT


Last week,
bought my new phone!!
i got data plan now! HEHE.
whatsapp. talkbox. HEHE
samsung galaxy ace.

Went for my early birthday dinner cause daddy wont be home early today.


Yunice rawrs Blogged @ Friday, July 15, 2011

Back to blog on a saturday!
last week went for mahjong session at aunt's house! her mahjong tiles so small!! ahhaaha! lucky my fingers small ah. But its really super cute!

Nice tiles i have there!

Marsiling industrial fire. wootwoot.
oops. wrong sound effect.
okay, theoretically speaking, i should be sad and frowning.
but when i was in my father's car on the way to school, i was pretty excited.
First time see such big, thick smoke so near!!
so decided to snap pixxx!! AHHAHAHAHA.

From my school's taxi stand! Nice view!
At the traffic junction just outside my school

Liker G6 right?! hahaahaha!!
Lucky no causalities though.

Anyway, yesterday's practicum is horrible, terrible and anything bad that you can call it.
i was a regular server, just as i wanted. but under someone argh. Dont want to talk about it, but overall comments were horrible. i dislike it. i'm hating it. customer complain that they were not serve when seated, purely because my captain is always missing. who's gonna take order when she's missing? goddamn nuts. At least i had Jana and leeping there to help me. if not, i really 1 man show to cover 5 tables.

whatever. its over. no point talking about it.just hope i will get at least a B for daily grade. but, no hope luhhhhhhh. i think most likely a C already. there goes my straight A. FML

going down for Domino pizza nowww!!! be back soon!

Yunice rawrs Blogged @ Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Or maybe is just my period is coming.

Cried twice today. once infront of Mr L, Chef S. The other infront of my parents.
I hate it.
i only show my weak side to people i'm close to. Not random Tom dick or harry. I know you're thinking, aren't i closed to my parents? Yes. but not when they just want to accuse me and Fucking dont look into it. All they want to say is, "I'm your mother you respect me." "i dont want to hear that from you again cause i'm your father". Like Fuck. i can't say things i want?

They are getting used to me being so obedient and being a listening to instructions little girl. When my younger brother goes against them, they just sigh and walk away. When its me, then scream at me. shouldn't it be the other way round cause my brother is the one that is in the 'education' stage and need to learn?

Apparently they are taking for granted that i'm being good, so once i'm talk back, they deem me as disrespectful. There is a thin line between disrespectful and protecting myself. They dont seem to get it. WTF is all i can say.

The first cry today.
not going to talk about it here. Definitely not something nice, not happy tears.
Its just.. C.O.N.F.L.I.C.T
and as a 'Council' member, i guess i'm being 'forced' or rather 'tasked' to resolve this issue.
Not that i have problems solving, but its, hard. ARGH. you wont get it, do you???

Whatever! These are cries to show that:, MY PERIOD IS COMING. i'm going to be in pain and suffering in a few days time!

just got home from Timbre with Steffi. oh well. shall blog next time.
Tired. Shag. Pissed. Irritated. Agitated. DO NOT TOUCH.

Yunice rawrs Blogged @ Friday, July 08, 2011


I GOT IN FOR STUDENT COUNCIL AS THE HONORARY SECRETARY!!! LIKER G6 right??! heard its going to be tough and stress. true. every role is. oh well. got to keep up with it. hopefully i'll do well!! got the appointment mail yesterday, woohoo~ nearly jumped up when i saw it. was shocked. I really didn't expect myself in the SC. i thought i will be kicked out because i am one of the lousiest candidate. seriously. i have neither the best grades or the best portfolio to begin with. In the end, i got in. freaking shock. but got a heavy workload to take on!!

yesterday was service. As usual, every friday i'm stuck at the restaurant. Ms Z was in a bad mood. can tell. Early in the morning started scolding us. damn. I was at first asked to be captain again. when i was one last week already! why cant they let me just a normal server?! just once?! a normal server please? it has already been 5 weeks and i haven't even tried out being a server! pathetic. that is the most common role. almost half of us will be server, but i havent been one. i've done cashier/bartender, runner, at QSR, captain, and captain. LAME.
BUTBUT, yesterday, they put me in the VVVVVVVVIP room. instead of outside. even more stress. The VIPs coming are my school's principal, and principals from other poly, ITE. i was like, *jaw drop*. 21 people, and only 3 of us serving them. stress. we cannot afford to make mistake! scaryscary!!! but in the end, nothing happen and there were good comments i guess. Not too bad uh!

When to Oliva to eat again on thursday with the girls. (: Yumyum food!

Mocktail of the day!! forgot the name! it made us quiver cause its a little sour, i rmb.
Nice though!! (: Bartender is fun. i know cause i did before!
The appetizer, vermicelli, the centre one is some fruits dont know what.
i know it taste like water melon juice. ahahahah.
plus garlic bread! YUMYUMM!~
Our dear chiewwww didn't like fish, so we got her vegetarian food.
really vegetarian!
This is ours! With fish fillet? with prawns on top, wedges, some corn mix with green and red pepper... HAHAHAHA. dont know what's it call. There's a reason why i'm not a chef.
Berries, vanilla sobet, poached peach in red wine! NICEEEEEEEE~

ALRIGHT. enough of food! Making me hungry!!!! i think we are planning to go again this tuesday. Its really worth in! 10 bucks for a 3 cost meal, plus got service and presentation and all. worth it!!!!!

yes, UT1's result barely came out, and UT2 started.
lets start with my results. Not too good.
Got called out to talk by Mr Y. He said that my results are not matching up with my daily performance. so sad right? i'm sad too. ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
B modules (accounting and econs) results are not out yet. whatever. They say more than half of the corhort didnt even pass it. HAHAHAHAH. i'm confirm in that more than half. ^^ whatever. dont care.

UT2! Thursday was CSKO's. Yesterday was RDM's.
CSKO. Culinary science and kitchen operations.
I think it was alright, tough. AHAHAHAH.
they asked about roasted rack of lambs, match with what veg, what sauce, what starch.
the first question i asked myself was, what does a roasted rack of lambs looks like, smells like, taste like. HAHHHAH. I didnt know how it looked like!!! FAIL.

RDM. Room division Management.
what's with strategies and benefits?!?!? i didn't know the differents between them and i think i got them mixed up! so confusing! Why Mr Y so mean!! He still claim that being in his class is an advantage?!?! He's the setter of the paper alright. cause he's the module chair. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hopefully i wont do as badly as UT1. i really want to do well for my H modules!! )):

22 july--> Accounting UT, Practical UT, submission day for National day video (i have to vet-meeting), MY BIRTHDAY! DAMN IT. why everything on my brithday!?!? sad or sad?! arghhhhhhh. i guess no nice birthday celebrations this year. crappy. OH WELL. hopefully birthday will give me luck, so i'll score in the UTs. (most likely not lah, for accounting) *FAIL FACTOR*

Have i said that i'm jealous of Hyuna figure. ahhhh. so sexy. JEALOUSJEALOUSJEALOUS. her bubble pop song is nice. i lioke. ^^


Yunice rawrs Blogged @ Friday, July 01, 2011

Back. Hello. (:

woohooo~~ and my drumsticks flew. Infront of our very own SOH director, Mr Toh. horriblegirl93. lucky he never see, so i quickly put nicely. hahahahha!! shhh. top secret! i was the captain today, first time taking order like that, stressful. somemore, one table is our SOH director hosting a guest from Florida, the other table is edwin and his managers. i saw the names, i'm like, FML. edwin's gonna make life difficult, Mr Toh's gonna give me stress. i captain somemore. cui. lucky nothing much happened.
I FREAKING CALLED A WOMAN: "SIR". and she said, i would preferred to be called mdm. Then i'm like, shit!!! SORRY!! OMG RIGHT!!!
When i said that, this is your main course, roasted chicken to edwin's table, his manager asked me: what's the name of this chicken??
i'm was like, HUH. chicken got name?!?! then edwin stare at me and smile. i knew it was a joke. so i said, Mr Roasted Chicken. LIKE LOL.
Fun but tiring. (:
everyone is saying that praticum is not fun, difficult to get good grades. but i like. this is the module that we get grades easily!! WHY THEY NO LIKE?!?!

had our RDM presentation at the lecture theatre. pretty weird and funny. a presentation for 5 groups, total 22 people, in a lecture theatre that can fit 500 plus people. Funny or what, Mr Yuan. LOL. with the mic too. speaking into the mic. like funny only!!
check out the emptiness!!
Camwhoring at the back of the theatre. Because nobody was there to watch us. and it was boring. Hehe^^

I haven't said this right? I went for my skin check on saturday, and meet limin and cheiwwwwwwwy for dinner! Went to Limin's house to LEPAK first then chiewwwting came! HEHEHEH!! Went home late. damn it. scaryy.
on the empty train....

We had curry fish head at some place in sembawang! yumyum! ^^actually we wanted to eat the bai mee fen, but there was a super long queue and we were hungry!! The queue was so long that even after we eat finish our curry fish head, the guy was still queue-ing.
after that, they 2, keep complaining that we're growing fat and need to exercise. so we walk to tao hui to tabao. like, from sembawang to yishun. damn it. i hate walking!!! so far somemore!
Was pretty much obsess with Limin's ipad. Interesting games that got me excited. seems like i got no childhood like that ahhhh.

School was giving out free coke last week. i forgot which day but yea. We're singaporeans so yuppp!!we queue for it! eheheheh^^ first few to get them somemore. (Y) Singaporeans FTW.
Not going to say much about Student council. Results are not out yet. Long wait, but long way more i think.


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